Thursday, June 22, 2017

ZAFUL Coat Review

Hello loves!

Summer is in the air, and it's time to review some summer outfits! I'm gonna jump straight into it with this lovely black thin coat from 

I'm a sucker for long coats, I said it. But problem is I can rarely use them in the summer because they're soooo warm. Which is why this one made me so happy, because it's very thin and perfect for summer weather!

The picture above is from Zaful's website, and as you can see it's a long trench coat with a tailcoat, long arms and a suit-like collar. It's made out of  polyester and weighs practically nothing. The current prize is at $30, but sadly it's all sold out at the moment, hoping it will restock soon though!

Details and quality
Not a big shocker, I'm completely in love with this jacket. I've been working with Zaful for some time now, and they never cease to amaze me with the quality of their product. The coat is extremely well fitted for summer days, I't's breezy, airy and perfect for both covering from the sun and those chilly summer evenings. It's so light weight it almost feels like not wearing any coat at all!
The coat comes in one color - black, and comes in sizes XS to 2XL!

The garment is per usual very well made. I've been using mine for weeks now and I have nothing bad to say about it really. I got my coat in size XL because I wanted it to be long. This sadly made it way too big over the shoulders, but I was very satisfied with the length haha! That's what I get for being 180 tall :P 

As usual, Zaful has been absolutely lovely to work with, answering all my questions and delivering everything well packaged and neatly folded. I strongly recommend you to check out their store, the prizes are really great and you recieve quality products every time. 

Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading!

Friday, June 9, 2017

ZAFUL Makeup Brushes Review

Hi sweeties!

Hope you're all having a wonderful start of summer!
I want to make a quick review of these makeup brushes from

As you might have realized by now, I'm a huge makeup nerd. I have brushes and tools of a million shapes and sizes, so when I saw these wonderful ombre brushes from Zaful I just had to try them out!

As you might have guessed, what drawed my attention to them was the look of them. They are made in a metallic, glossy ombre color, with faceted handles. The shape of the handles makes it easy to grip the brushes and hold a steady grip. The brushes come in various different sizes, ranging from small detail brushes to larger powder brushes, all in all there are 10 of them.

I made a makeup tutorial (link below) to show how the brushes work in applying makeup, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! Often when you buy brushes only because they look pretty they seldom actually work good, but these did! I love how thick they are, but still soft enough to easily follow my facial shape.

These brushes costs $12.99 if you get them now, and I would absolutely recommend them!
You'll find the brushes here!

I made a simple makeup video tutorial to show how the brushes work, you'll find it here below. The tutorial teaches you how to apply discreet, simple makeup routines to cosplay characters that might have less to no makeup at all, all beginner friendly :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ZAFUL Review (trench coat, shirt and jumpsuit)

Hello friends <3
It's been a busy start of 2017! I graduated from university and started a new job, so my life has been upside-down the past weeks, haha. But now it's starting to get back to normal, so let's kick 2017 off with the first fashion review of the year!

Summary and sizes
This time I had the opportunity to review not just one, but three pieces from lovely I'll review all of the items in this review, for convenience sake.
The items were the following;

(No pic of coat, sold out! Sorry! <3)

One piece-jumpsuit in a gorgeous blue color! The material is mostly chiffon, it's slightly elastic in the waist and has got adjustable shoulder straps. You can get it in blue or pink, in sizes S to XL, and it currently costs $20.99.

Really kickass brown trench coat that I actually chose to use mainly for a cosplay (Hellboy!). It's made out of a suede-type fake leather, very soft and light weight. It comes in a brown or beige color, in sizes S to L and is currently out of stock, but costs $35.67

Beautifully knitted blouse/shirt that was my all time favorite out of these clothes! THe material is mostly acrylic, and it comes in one size only. Currently it's price is $23.99.

I opted to wear the blue jumpsuit along with the brown coat, and I actually like the look! The coat is extremely comfortable and (as usual) very well made. The color was very true to the pictures on the website, and I'm so glad this version of brown trench coat was in stock, since it's a model I've missed in a lot of other stores!

The jumpsuit turned out to be a bit of a trouble child, haha. I chose the jumpsuit in size XL simply because I'm tall as heck, and still the suit was a bit too short for me. Which made it really hard to zip it in the back without having to arch my back until it broke xD I would strongly suggest that if you're around my height (178cm), to either request a larger size simply for the length of it, or maybe try and adjust it by sowing it out a bit. I also have a very long torso which might have been the problem, haha. Other than that the material is lovely, the color is GORGEOUS and I love the look of it. The draped chest part really makes the suit stand out.

As for the blouse, it was probably my favorite item! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and the slightly eggshell white color goes really well with basically any other type of clothing. Since it's onesize the shirt will look different on all of us, but if you'd like it smaller it's really easy to sew it in! However I love this type of shirt to be a bit looser so for me it was a perfect fit! Also I love tassels <3 

I'm very satisfied with the quality this time! (I usaually am with Zaful though, haha). The blouse is just pure love, really well made with near invisible seams and a very light feel to it. As for the coat, when I first got it out of the package it was hard to to the HUGE amount of statical electricity! I'm not sure if this is due to the coat material, or just due to the package having traveled a long way on air planes. When I shook it around a bit most of it disappeared, and I'm fairly sure the rest will disappear after a wash. But it was a struggle to put on due to the electricity at first, hahah! Other than that the quality was great as usual.

Now for the jumpsuit I'm SUPER IMPRESSED that no seams ripped when I struggled to straighten my back in the too-short suit. My torso was way too long for this piece of clothing, but even though I struggled for a good twenty minutes with somehow making my torso shrink, the seams held tight and were real troopers! So no complains here <3

Nothing new to add here, really, haha. Zaful has been ever so cute and helpful! They're fast to reply to emails, eager to help me with my questions and issues and never any hard to work with at all. I really love companies that maintain a good relationship with their customers/promoters, so all the love to Zaful again for being the best <3 

The Company
Even though being in the middle of Chinese new year, Zaful kept being helpful and sweet to me, so of course I'm giving them 5/5 stars here too!

Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading! <3

Thursday, November 17, 2016

ZAFUL Dress Review

Hey friends <3
Back again with another review! Once again it's a dress from Zaful, and while it's not exactly a cosplay I couldn't help but arrange a Wanda Maximoff-esque shoot for it. This dress just suits her too well <3 I love grunge-y, bohemic clothes so naturally I picked this dress super fast! The only shame is I cannot wear it with my natural hair color because the colors clash too much, haha. Wigs it is!

Summary and sizes
The dress is called "Solid Color Ruffled Long Sleeve Dress" and is a gorgeous linen dress in a warm orange color. The model in the photo is wearing a lot of necklaces which sort of hides the gorgeous collar and lacing. The neckline is ruffled and dips down into a v-line with lacing fake-leather strings. 

The midriff is sewn elastic, to make the dress fit most wearers no matter waist measurements. The arms end in cuffs with cloth clad buttons, and the skirt of the dress is shorter in front but billows out longer in the back. It weighs in at roughly 0,5kg.

At the moment the dress costs 49,99$, and is available only in the orange color on the picture. It comes in sizes M and L, and since I have long legs I choose L for my dress. In hindsight I probably should have picked M since the arms were a bit too long on me, but otherwise the length was good :)

It's SUCH a shame this color clashes with my red hair, because otherwise I would wear this dress forever. This is probably my favorite clothing item out of the ones I've reviewed for Zaful <3 It's so comfortable and cozy. Since it's made out of linen it holds the warmth even in cold weather, and even so the long sleeves can easily be unbuttoned and rolled up, should the weather be too hot. 

I've experimented a bit with what to wear with this dress. It's dangerously short (probably because I have long legs), so when I've worn this dress to school I've opted for either skinny jeans under, or worn shorts over stockings. In true Wanda-fashion, the dress is perfect for knee-highs with or without tights under. Because of it's grunge look it goes well with both combat boots and heels, again depending on weather. 

I don't know why, but I'm always worried about seams ripping whenever a clothing item is supposed to be pulled over ones head for wearing. But the elastic band in this dress can be stretched to insane lengths, so luckily I needn't worry this time :P The quality is great and after wearing it maybe three times I still haven't noticed anything defect with the quality. As linen often does, the dress wrinkles easily, but that's just life I guess :P 

This review was severely delayed because of various reasons. BanzaiCon, Comic Con, sickness and university and I can keep going forever. I actually ordered this dress at the same time as the last Zaful item I reviewed, even though it arrived later than the previous. Anyway, Zaful has been most understanding and sweet what with my hectic schedule and all, and I'm so thankful for that. It's truly a joy to work with a company where both parts have understanding and respect towards each other <3

The company
Nothing new here; I still recommend Zaful with all my heart! They have so many gorgeous items I would happily buy the rest of my entire wardrobe there.

Right now they are holding a massive giveaway which I strongly recommend you take part in if you want a chance at your own clothes from Zaful! Click on the banner below and check out all the amazing items, leave a comment with your favorite item and include your e-mail, for a chance at winning gift cards!

10 winners will be chosen to win 100$ gift cards! End time: Nov 31
Public time: Dec 1-3

(Psst, also included in the banner link below are some sweet coupons, don't miss them!)

Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias! 
Get the dress here! 

Thank you so much for reading! <3

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Vampire the Masquerade Photoshoot (Set #1)

We premiered our Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines group for Comic Con, finally!
This is one of the best games I've ever played, but since it's not exactly new I never imagined we could have an entire cosplay group from it, but we actually did. We had so much fun with this group (#vampirefam<3) and I can't wait to make this gorup happen again. We have gained a lot of characters just these past few days, and will have an even larger group next time!

We had a couple of photoshoots with this group, which means a lot of photos. I will post these photos in sets, to make it easier to give each photo its spotlight. So this will be Photo set #1 out of several :)

Cosplayers (from left to right)

Jeanette Voerman: Crofteria Cosplay

Nines Rodriguez: Rake Makes - Cosplay/SFX
Smiling Jack: Rikard Jansson
Beckett: Karu Con Carne
Sebastian LaCroix: Mitternacht Cosplay
Bertram Tung: MeltaOcto Cosplay
Therese Voerman: Sasu-chan Cosplay

"This is bullshit!"


The Voerman affair


"I don't trust anyone with an X in their name."




"Den mother."

"Vote LaCroix"

Brujah vs. Ventrue (and Nosferatu)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pinky Paradise Mesh Contacts Review

Hello people!
Hope you all had a great Halloween, I sure did!

Before Halloween I got the opportunity to make a Halloween transformation video for, using any of their contact lenses. Since I'm always a sucker for crazy and odd lenses, the choice wasn't difficult!

Since I am still stuck in my Steven Universe-phase, I wanted to combine my Halloween look with one of the characters form this amazing tv-show. Which is why I decided to do my own take on Lapis Lazuli, in her cracked gem form!

My idea was basically that it would have been really cool if her physical form reflected her cracked gem (or even her mirror form??).

As always, I made a video tutorial on this look and you can find it here;

Info about the contacts;

Name: Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh (With Prescription)
Prescription: Yes
Diameter: 14,5mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6mm

The contacts are super comfortable and fits me well. Since they have a mesh layer, my vision is slightly blurry while I'm wearing them. This is nothing that can be avoided with contacts like these though. I'm super satisfied with my contacts and highly recommend you to get them if you want a similar look!

Monday, October 31, 2016

ZAFUL Dress Review (Scarlet Witch Cosplay)

Hello again friends!
Autumn is here and con season is pretty much over for this year. Even though it might feel sad, I still think it's nice because it gives you the opportunity to cozy up in your home and sketch out new ideas for new costumes <3 Since I had no difficult deadlines this autumn, I decided to finally make a dream costume of mine come true; my own version of Scarlet Witch. For this costume I used a lovely dress sponsored by ZAFUL, and I will be reviewing this lovely dress in this post! 

(The rest of the costume (headdress, shoes, wig, belt and cape) are either made by or bought by me and are not part of the ZAFUL offer. Only the dress will be reviewed in this post!)

Summary and sizes
The dress is called "Voile Spliced Long Sleeve Maxi Dress" and is a beautiful gown-like dream. It's made out of two layers; one red base layer in polyester, and one black top layer of a soft organza-like mesh fabric, which is slightly textured in a dot pattern. The arms are made only out of the black fabric. The "belt" is attached to the dress and is actually a black elastic band.

It comes in three colors; wine red, purple and white. The dress I chose was obviously the wine red one, it was for Scarlet Witch after all :)

The dress is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL. I chose this dress in L even though I'm usually a pretty standard M, because I wanted to make sure it was long enough. I'm a very tall person at my 1.77cm which makes dress shopping difficult sometimes :P 

The price of the dress is $35.99.

The dress is absolutely lovely and fits as well formal wear as more casual, depending on which accessories you use (and also works for cosplay, apparently^^). The dress doesn't have a zipper or button, but is a simple pullover dress. Since the elastic belt in the waist is stretchy the dress is easy to pull on and off. It's very lightweight and wearing-friendly, and the lack of zippers and buttons makes it very comfortable. The two fabric layers are not sewn together in the bottom hem, which makes the skirt very flowy and floozy! 

The dress fit me okay, I think what was my problem was my weird length, haha. The dress was a bit short in the arms slightly shorter in the skirt length as well. The waistband was also a very rigid elastic, which made it sit very tight even though the dress itself fit me. This is probably due to my arms and legs being very long in general, but if I had ordered again I might have chose an even larger size just to get the length a bit better :) 

I notice the color might seem a bit off in these photos, but I assure you that is because of the light fixing in post :) Since we shot these photos in the dark, the flash and post-eds might alter the color slightly to fit the photo better, but the original dress I recieved has the exact same color as in the original photo. 

I have to say that I'm actually surprised that the quality held such a high standard! The reason for this was because when I noticed the dress was a pullover, I was afraid I'd break the somewhat fragile black fabric or at least rip a few seams, because I'm a very wavy and flexing person whenever I try on clothes, arms and limbs waving around everywhere xD But despite wrangling the dress over my head, all the seams and fabric have held really good! The seams in general are well made, thorough and without hastework. 

As always, ZAFUL has been nothing but helpful in this process. They have answered all my emails within a days notice, and always been patient with my inquiries and questions. They have also given me plenty of time to review the dress, arrange a photoshoot and rexieve photos, somethinig MUCH appreciated as a reviewer! The dress was shipped very fast, however it was delayed a bit on the way. This is on the local post office consciousness though, and had nothing to do with ZAFUL

The Company
Same as last time, I strongly advise you guys to pay ZAFUL a visit. Their website has a huge collection of clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else. Right now they have some special deals on their embroidered clothes, which is a personal favorite category of mine, I strongly suggest you to check it out :D 


Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading!