About me

Name: Linnéa "Mitternacht" Karlsson
Age: 24
From: Jönköping, Sweden
Cosplaying since: 2006, started competing 2009
Occupation: University student
Works at: Jönköping's Cinema
Other hobbies: Drawing, singing, gaming and swimming.
Loves: Pasta, makeup, ebay shopping
Hates: Ice cream, flat shoes, snails
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Game of Thrones house: Greyjoy!

I started cosplaying in the early 2006 before I even knew it was called cosplay. My first costume ever was Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, and it was hella crappy but I was really proud of it. After that I founded a cosplay band (B.A.K.A.Cosplay) along with some of my best friends, and from then on it only went forward. We goofed around for a couple of years, did some groups, competed here and there and then I was stuck in the cosplay world forever. I didn't start competing for "real" until around 2009 though, but as soon as I did I quickly saw the great things with contests. I pushed myself really hard, won a few awards, and kept pushing. After I met my boyfriend in 2009 we have started doing many pair cosplays, which is really fun. I still cosplay a lot with my cosplay group, but nowadays I'm more into judging cosplay contests than competing myself. As with many of my friends, becoming a veteran cosplayer opened up my eyes for developing the cosplay community rather than partaking in every cosplay related activity there is. I am the main cosplay organizer for the tiny convention KultCon in Jönköping, as well as external judge for several other conventions and competitions around Sweden.

The main focus point in my costumes are props and armor. I am an acceptable seamstress, but nothing further than that. I love drawing out complicated patterns for different armor parts and weapons, and I'm also a huge fan of wig styling and makeup. In 90% of the case, my costumes originates from video or computer games. I play a lot of games and it's heavily reflected in my choice of costumes. I have been an active WoW-player for maaany years, as well as Guild Wars 2, SWTOR and Aion. More casually I love to play Mass Effect, Zelda, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Guild Wars Prophecies, Magicka, a gazillion indie games and horror games. Occasionally I cosplay from manga and anime as well, but I don't really have the patience to sit around doing nothing while watching shows, I need to activate myself, haha.

Another huge passion of mine is makeup. I love doing makeup tests for -every- -single- -character- I cosplay, lol. Apart from that I also do a lot of original creations and designs. Makeup is a great way for me to express myself and my art, and it can enhance your costume by 100%. I enjoy both realistic makeup, effects makeup, enhancement makeup, beauty makeup, fantasy makeup, horror makeup and SFX-makeup. I'm a huge SFX-enthusiast and try experimenting with latex, prosthetics and modeling wax as often as I can! I gather my inspiration from pretty much everything, be it video games, bands, paintings or nature. Sadly I was born with really sensitive skin, making my makeup experiments a tad harder than it should have to be, lol.

Now you know a but about me, be sure to lurk about this blog a tad longer to learn some more! ;) 

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