Friday, April 24, 2015

Mad Moxxi Cosplay Review

I'm a huge Borderlands nerd, we all know that. No news here. And I have a gazillion badass bitches from this game that I want to cosplay. Mad Moxxi is one of them. However, her costume is very detailed, has a lot of hand painted work and maaaany accessories so I just never took the time needed to make it. Also this is not really the costume type I usually wear and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to pull her off.

Then one day everything changed when CosplaySky offered me a Moxxi cosplay, as part of a sponsorship deal. Heck yeah, I said! Let's do this!

Here is the link to the cosplay I recieved; - Mad Moxxi Purple

You can also get her red outfit, but I think the purple one is prettier. If you order from CosplaySky you can either get a costume with premade measurements, or you can fill in your own measurements and have it all tailored to fit you exactly. That's what I did and the costume fit like a glove! It was a little big around the waist, but I believe that to be because I lost some weight since I filled in the measurements, and it was easily fixed!

The entire cosplay took about two weeks to make and one week (!) to be delievered. As you know I'm really picky about waiting for mail for a long period of time, haha, so I was super happy and surprised!

The parts included with the costume are as follows;
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Waist bag
  • Two belts
  • Striped stocking

Said and done, I threw together a quick test (with a substitute wig and no shoe covers) and I absolutely love it! I never thought I was gonna be able to pull this cosplay off, but I think I can actually do this!!

The entire coat is fully lined and everything from the fabric, seams and lining to the buttons, prints and details are just perfect and so carefully attached. No hot-glue buttons here! Even the hat is lined, which is a big deal for me haha <3 They even added Moxxi's off button which is larger than the others, and they look great together.

Something else that I really love is that all the decorations, swirls, patches and logos are actually printed onto the fabric! It looks very realistic and professional.

The belts, gloves and bag are all made out of pleather and are attached with velcro. The striped sock is made out of knitted fabric and stretches up top.

Although there are several buttons visible on the costume, the entire coat opens and closes with invisible snap-buttons. This is nice because the outside buttons never lose their shape and symmetry, and the snap buttons works perfectly fine on their own!

Time for some ratings!
  • Comfort: 4/5 
  • Size: 5/5
  • Accuracy to original: 5/5
  • Movability: 3/5
  • Quality: 5/5

All in all I'm super satisfied with my cosplay <3 It looks exactly as the original Moxxi costume from the game does, all the details are included and the quality is amazing. I really recommend CosplaySky if you ever want to order a costume yourself!!

I've made a video review of the cosplay as well, check it out down below!

Thanks for reading <3

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Basic Female and Male Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Basic Female and Male Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Right, so I got SOO many good tips from you guys on tutorials I should make, so I'm starting off with this one! It's a simple, very basic tutorial on how to lay a foundational makeup for female and male characters. On top of this, you can add whatever characteristic makeup your characters might have
As stated before, this is just how I personally do it, I'm sure there are other ways that might even work better for you, but this is my personal routine Smiley smile

List of products used are found in the video's description!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bloody Mary - The Wolf Among Us - Makeup test

Bloody Mary - The Wolf Among Us
Finally took time to actually do this makeup! I so wanna cosplay Bloody Mary some day Smiley heart
Used eyeshadow, derma wax and fake blood for this, eyes (obviously) shooped because this is only a test, and the mirror shards are cut out of a bunch of silver envelopes haha </3

  • Lined the facial structure with celshading lines. 
  • Lined eyes with tons of eyeliner to darken them.
  • Painted on eyebrows and the final celshade lines
  • Drew her tattoos using reuglar grey eyeshadow and an angled brush
  • Cut out the mirror shards out of a silver envelope
  • Glued them on with spirit gum and covered the edges with derma wax
  • (The shard in my hair is put in place with hair pins) 
  • Added tonnnnnnnnns of fake blood
  • Done!