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Hello and welcome to my cosplay portfolio!

If you want to view all my cosplay's and read detailed costume descriptions, please click "Cosplays" in the left navbar. Progress photos and photoshoot photos are included in every description.

To read a short bio about the cosplayer, that is me, please click "About me" in the navbar. 

For tutorials, step-by-step guides and vlogs, please click "Tutorials" in the navbar.

Please click "Makeup" if you want to see photos, progress, simple guides and tips on my original makeup creations that are not character-specific.

"Thoughts" is where I post my blog posts, rants ,opinions, ventilations and cosplay related philosophies, as well as insight in my own life and time.  

To contact me via social media, email, phone or other method, please click "Contact"!

Below this text you'll find my latest blog posts in the order they were posted. .

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