Monday, May 11, 2015

Mad Moxxi Cosplay Review UPDATED - Costume by CosplaySky

I'm a huge Borderlands nerd, we all know that. No news here. And I have a gazillion badass bitches from this game that I want to cosplay. Mad Moxxi is one of them. However, her costume is very detailed, has a lot of hand painted work and maaaany accessories so I just never took the time needed to make it. Also this is not really the costume type I usually wear and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to pull her off.

Then one day everything changed when CosplaySky offered me a Moxxi cosplay, as part of a sponsorship deal. Heck yeah, I said! Let's do this!

NOTE: This is an updated review with extra notes on the wearability and comfort of the costume, scroll down to read it!

Here is the link to the cosplay I recieved; - Mad Moxxi Purple

You can also get her red outfit, but I think the purple one is prettier. If you order from CosplaySky you can either get a costume with premade measurements, or you can fill in your own measurements and have it all tailored to fit you exactly. That's what I did and the costume fit like a glove! It was a little big around the waist, but I believe that to be because I lost some weight since I filled in the measurements, and it was easily fixed!

The entire cosplay took about two weeks to make and one week (!) to be delievered. As you know I'm really picky about waiting for mail for a long period of time, haha, so I was super happy and surprised!

The parts included with the costume are as follows;
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Waist bag
  • Two belts
  • Striped stocking

Said and done, I threw together a quick test (with a substitute wig and no shoe covers) and I absolutely love it! I never thought I was gonna be able to pull this cosplay off, but I think I can actually do this!!

The entire coat is fully lined and everything from the fabric, seams and lining to the buttons, prints and details are just perfect and so carefully attached. No hot-glue buttons here! Even the hat is lined, which is a big deal for me haha <3 They even added Moxxi's off button which is larger than the others, and they look great together.

Something else that I really love is that all the decorations, swirls, patches and logos are actually printed onto the fabric! It looks very realistic and professional.

The belts, gloves and bag are all made out of pleather and are attached with velcro. The striped sock is made out of knitted fabric and stretches up top.

Although there are several buttons visible on the costume, the entire coat opens and closes with invisible snap-buttons. This is nice because the outside buttons never lose their shape and symmetry, and the snap buttons works perfectly fine on their own!

Time for some ratings!
  • Comfort: 4/5 
  • Size: 5/5
  • Accuracy to original: 5/5
  • Movability: 3/5
  • Quality: 5/5

After wearing this cosplay for an entire photoshoot, I can add some text about comfort!
The costume itself is very easy to move in - the stockings are a good quality that doesn't slide down, which is something that usually bothers me haha <3 I also like the fact that the hat was very lightweight, making it easy for me to pin it onto my wig, and even though it was very windy outside the hat stayed put during the entire shoot!

The coat is very comfortable to wear and has a really nice fit due to it being tailored to fit me. The gloves are made in stretch fabric and I'd think they would fit most hands! Belts also comes with long straps of velcro, making it easy to adjust them depending in your size. I love the small details like the chest-part of the coat being big enough to allow me to use a push up bra hahaha <3

The only thing uncomfortable with the costume are the ridicilously high heels, haha!

All in all I'm super satisfied with my cosplay <3 It looks exactly as the original Moxxi costume from the game does, all the details are included and the quality is amazing. I really recommend CosplaySky if you ever want to order a costume yourself!!

I've made a video review of the cosplay as well, check it out down below!

Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mad Moxxi Photoshoot

Hi guys! I just had a photoshoot with the Mad Moxxi cosplay, check them out below!

The cosplay is sponsored by CosplaySky ( I absolutely love it and I highly recommend CosplaySky for anyone looking for extraordinary cosplays to buy <3

Friday, May 1, 2015

Steven Universe Makeup - Master Post

Okay so! The last weeks I've really gotten into Steven Universe. Like really. And of course there has been some makeup sessions. All in all we (me and my boyfriend) have done three SU-makeups; Malachite, Jasper and Opal, and I was thinking of dedicating this post to going through them step by step, starting with Malachite.


Malachite - Makeup by me
Malachite was actually my all time favorite fusion, even more so than Opal. There's just something about her crazy face and laugh, it's such a shame you only get to see her for roughly two minutes, haha. I've been comforting myself with the huuuge amount of fanart she has on tumblr lol!

I love Malachite because you get to make all these crazy faces and expressions, haha. I'm just tired of cosplaying pretty princesses I think!

What I used for this makeup;
  • Green circle lenses (forgot the name, but they're from Honeycolor) 
  • ScareCrow Fangs
  • Grimas Aqua makeup in green
  • Grimas semi-transparent white fix-powder
  • 150 color eyeshadow palette from eBay
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Black eyeliner pen
  • White eyeliner pen/marker pen
  • Brown eyeliner pen
  • Mascara
  • Pros-aide glue
  • Cardboard nose (tutorial below)
  • White wig (I sacrificed an old Griffith wig for this, when I do it for real I'll use a lace front!)
Now, I'm not gonna go through the entire process because I already made a video tutorial for this one, but roughly it takes about 40 minutes to finish maybe? The cardboard nose and wig are just temporary and they work fine for tests, but when I do this costume for real I'll cast the nose in resin and use a lace front wig instead.

Here's the tutorial for Malachite; it's a timelapse with written instructions :) For this video I used a different kind of light flare for the eyes though, I personally like the first one better!

The nose in these photos is just made simply out of cardboard. When I make this cosplay for real I'll cast it in resin, but cardboard works for a test!
Here's a quick tutorial on how I made the nose;

I will actually try to make a full Malachite costume for NärCon this summer. My boyfriend has some experience building quadrapods so I'll work the legs out with him! I have some good ideas which I will try out as soon as I can <3 My boyfriend will do Jasper and a friend of ours will make Lapis, so we're super excited!


Jasper - Makeup by Rake Makes

My boyfriend wanted to cosplay from SU as well but found it hard to pick a characters out of the myriad existing ones. Until he saw Jail Break, haha. Jasper has a very muscular and large frame, which is perfect for my boyfriend who has a very masculine build. And Gems are genderless anyways so what the heck. He has very sharp facial features that can be enhanced with makeup to look more like Jaspers, so I think he'll make a great cheeto puff <3

BF is a very skilled makeup artist and of course did all of his makeup for Jasper himself. For this once he mixed two shades of yellow and orange for her signature skin color. The stripe is drawn on with red eyeshadow. The yellow lenses are actually his Nuada (Hellboy) lenses, but since they are semi-scleras they give a very alien and scary impression. His nose is made using the same method as the tutorial on Malachite's nose above!

The makeup itself took roughly an hour to finish, mostly because it has a lot of contouring and shadows!

Things used in this makeup;
  • Yellow aqua makeup
  • Orange aqua makeup
  • Yellow, red and orange eyeshadow (for contouring)
  • Black eyeliner pen
  • Mascara
  • Liquid eyeliner (for eyebrows)
  • Orange lip liner 
  • Pros-aide glue 
  • Fake nose 
  • Yellow semi-scleras (from 
  • White wig with bangs
The wig in this picture is another one of my Griffith wigs (yes, I have a thousand), just poofed and tousled to resemble Jasper's messy do. Just as with my Malachite, he will get a "real" wig for the finished cosplay this summer!

If you're interested in more makeup and work from my boyfriend, you'll find his Facebook portfolio here!


Opal - Makeup by me

Opal was my first Gem makeup ever and for that I love her, haha. No but really, I do love her design which I think is the most beautiful and prettiest color-wise out of all the fusions so far. I love her clean look with the white hair and lavender skin. I really want to cosplay her in the future! I had planned at first to do her for the summer, but then I stumbled upon Malachite and realised how much I needed to make a costume with four legs.

For Opal's arms I was thinking of making a silicone cast of my own arms, and wire them with a skeleton to be able to pose them. I'd build them into a harness and attach them to my own arms using a thin wire. It's a fun project that I'm eager to start with maybe after the summer!

I don't have a tutorial for this, but the makeup base is pretty simple. It's white creme makeup with a lilac powder on top. I gave her some turqouise eyeshadow because it compliments the lavender skin. I love coming up with makeup designs for cartoony characters with simple designs, haha.

For this test I used the same wig as for my Malachite test and I quickly shaped two gems out of worbla (molded in spoons lol) and painted them with some nail polish. I know one of them is supposed to be faceted but this was just a test!

I experimented a bit with her lips since she obviously doesn't wear lipstick but still has very defined, rounded lips. I tried using both grey and purple eyeshadow, but in the end I opted for contouring the lips with a grey shadow to define them without having to color them.

The makeup took about 30 minutes to make!

Products used;
  • White creme makeup 
  • Lavender eyeshadow powder 
  • Turquoise eyeshadow 
  • Light grey eyeshadow (contouring)
  • Regular, non circle lenses
  • Dark grey eyeliner pen (eyebrows) 
  • Mascara
  • Liquid eyeliner 
  • White wig 
  • Two worbla "stones"

For the summer we have actually several friends who will join us as Lapis, I'll make sure to add their names as soon as I have some photos and info to give <3

Another friend of us - Panztar Cosplay - will most likely cosplay as Garnet this summer, and we look forward to having a photoshoot with him fighting my BF as Jasper! <3

So there we go, a short summary of each makeup done! If you have any questions regarding any of the processes, products or anything else, feel free to ask away in the comments <3 

Bonus round, more Malachite goofbutt vids, yaaay