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This is where I post photos and short comments of various makeup/face paints/cosplay tests that I do. And I do them a lot. Scroll down to browse and click for larger photos.

Nuala - Version 3
Third version of my Nuala makeup, starting to look a lot better than the first attempts. 
Still not quite there yet, though!

Gaige - Borderlands 2
First makeup test of Gaige from Borderlands. Totally doing this cosplay in a few months or so <3
Also cell shading is freaking hard.

Nuada and Nuala - Version 2
Version 2 of me and my bf as Nuala and Nuada. Much happier with my own makeup this time, but think bf's was better last time. Tried covering his eyebrows with dark eyeshadow instead of white, didn't like it at all.

Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy
My first makeup test for my upcoming Gamora cosplay. Need to cover up the eyebrows better and get proper contacts (and a wig). Used green facepaint and eyeshadow.

Pink Sugar Skull
Part three in my sugar skull series, worn at NärCon: 14. Kinda like the makeup, not so happy with the wig. Only used eyeshadows and white creme makeup.

Irileth - Skyrim
Makeup test for my favorite dark elf, haha. Was really hard to get her pointy facial shape, took quite some time. Only used eyeshadow in this one, actually. Eyes and ears obv. shooped.

Thane Inspired
Turned my boyfriend into some weird Thane-human hybrid because I had tons of Mass Effect feels. Used green face paint and eyeshadows!

Nuala and Nuada - Version 1

First makeup test for me and my boyfriend as Nuala and Nuada form Hellboy. Next time, lessen the orange on my eyes and the dark around my bf's eyes. Not so happy with these.

Nebula - Guardians of the Galaxy
Was in a GotG-craze and wanted to try out Nebula.
Could have done a lot more facial shading and contouring, but was so damn happy with the bald cap so I forgot haha. Mech-implants made fast in worbla.

Marceline Test - Adventure Time
Quick makeup test for Marceline. I know she probably has red vampire eyes, but my headcanon Mary will always have green eyes haha <3

Cecil/Kevin - Welcome to Night Vale
Wanted to see if I could pull off both Cecil and Kevin with the same wig and shirt (edited color in photoshop). Kevin's mouth is made with latex, silk paper, fake blood and creme makeup. Otherwise everything else is eyeshadow.

Red Sugar Skull
Not as satisfied with this one as I am with the blue sugar skull, but still kinda like it!
Goes well with my hair haha. Only eyeshadow used in this one.

Nabooru Test
Makeup test for Nabooru from Ocarina of Time. I love her to bits and it's my goal to one day have the courage to actualy do her costume. And obviously I'll use a wig and not my real hair when the time comes :)

Blue Sugar Skull
Because I love sugar skulls and had just bought new blue eyeshadows haha.
Entire makeup done with eyeshadows and white creme makeup.

Blue Fairy 
Just something I did when I was bored :)

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