Friday, June 9, 2017

ZAFUL Makeup Brushes Review

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I want to make a quick review of these makeup brushes from

As you might have realized by now, I'm a huge makeup nerd. I have brushes and tools of a million shapes and sizes, so when I saw these wonderful ombre brushes from Zaful I just had to try them out!

As you might have guessed, what drawed my attention to them was the look of them. They are made in a metallic, glossy ombre color, with faceted handles. The shape of the handles makes it easy to grip the brushes and hold a steady grip. The brushes come in various different sizes, ranging from small detail brushes to larger powder brushes, all in all there are 10 of them.

I made a makeup tutorial (link below) to show how the brushes work in applying makeup, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! Often when you buy brushes only because they look pretty they seldom actually work good, but these did! I love how thick they are, but still soft enough to easily follow my facial shape.

These brushes costs $12.99 if you get them now, and I would absolutely recommend them!
You'll find the brushes here!

I made a simple makeup video tutorial to show how the brushes work, you'll find it here below. The tutorial teaches you how to apply discreet, simple makeup routines to cosplay characters that might have less to no makeup at all, all beginner friendly :)

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