Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ZAFUL Review (trench coat, shirt and jumpsuit)

Hello friends <3
It's been a busy start of 2017! I graduated from university and started a new job, so my life has been upside-down the past weeks, haha. But now it's starting to get back to normal, so let's kick 2017 off with the first fashion review of the year!

Summary and sizes
This time I had the opportunity to review not just one, but three pieces from lovely Zaful.com. I'll review all of the items in this review, for convenience sake.
The items were the following;

(No pic of coat, sold out! Sorry! <3)

One piece-jumpsuit in a gorgeous blue color! The material is mostly chiffon, it's slightly elastic in the waist and has got adjustable shoulder straps. You can get it in blue or pink, in sizes S to XL, and it currently costs $20.99.

Really kickass brown trench coat that I actually chose to use mainly for a cosplay (Hellboy!). It's made out of a suede-type fake leather, very soft and light weight. It comes in a brown or beige color, in sizes S to L and is currently out of stock, but costs $35.67

Beautifully knitted blouse/shirt that was my all time favorite out of these clothes! THe material is mostly acrylic, and it comes in one size only. Currently it's price is $23.99.

I opted to wear the blue jumpsuit along with the brown coat, and I actually like the look! The coat is extremely comfortable and (as usual) very well made. The color was very true to the pictures on the website, and I'm so glad this version of brown trench coat was in stock, since it's a model I've missed in a lot of other stores!

The jumpsuit turned out to be a bit of a trouble child, haha. I chose the jumpsuit in size XL simply because I'm tall as heck, and still the suit was a bit too short for me. Which made it really hard to zip it in the back without having to arch my back until it broke xD I would strongly suggest that if you're around my height (178cm), to either request a larger size simply for the length of it, or maybe try and adjust it by sowing it out a bit. I also have a very long torso which might have been the problem, haha. Other than that the material is lovely, the color is GORGEOUS and I love the look of it. The draped chest part really makes the suit stand out.

As for the blouse, it was probably my favorite item! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and the slightly eggshell white color goes really well with basically any other type of clothing. Since it's onesize the shirt will look different on all of us, but if you'd like it smaller it's really easy to sew it in! However I love this type of shirt to be a bit looser so for me it was a perfect fit! Also I love tassels <3 

I'm very satisfied with the quality this time! (I usaually am with Zaful though, haha). The blouse is just pure love, really well made with near invisible seams and a very light feel to it. As for the coat, when I first got it out of the package it was hard to to the HUGE amount of statical electricity! I'm not sure if this is due to the coat material, or just due to the package having traveled a long way on air planes. When I shook it around a bit most of it disappeared, and I'm fairly sure the rest will disappear after a wash. But it was a struggle to put on due to the electricity at first, hahah! Other than that the quality was great as usual.

Now for the jumpsuit I'm SUPER IMPRESSED that no seams ripped when I struggled to straighten my back in the too-short suit. My torso was way too long for this piece of clothing, but even though I struggled for a good twenty minutes with somehow making my torso shrink, the seams held tight and were real troopers! So no complains here <3

Nothing new to add here, really, haha. Zaful has been ever so cute and helpful! They're fast to reply to emails, eager to help me with my questions and issues and never any hard to work with at all. I really love companies that maintain a good relationship with their customers/promoters, so all the love to Zaful again for being the best <3 

The Company
Even though being in the middle of Chinese new year, Zaful kept being helpful and sweet to me, so of course I'm giving them 5/5 stars here too!

Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading! <3

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