Thursday, November 17, 2016

ZAFUL Dress Review

Hey friends <3
Back again with another review! Once again it's a dress from Zaful, and while it's not exactly a cosplay I couldn't help but arrange a Wanda Maximoff-esque shoot for it. This dress just suits her too well <3 I love grunge-y, bohemic clothes so naturally I picked this dress super fast! The only shame is I cannot wear it with my natural hair color because the colors clash too much, haha. Wigs it is!

Summary and sizes
The dress is called "Solid Color Ruffled Long Sleeve Dress" and is a gorgeous linen dress in a warm orange color. The model in the photo is wearing a lot of necklaces which sort of hides the gorgeous collar and lacing. The neckline is ruffled and dips down into a v-line with lacing fake-leather strings. 

The midriff is sewn elastic, to make the dress fit most wearers no matter waist measurements. The arms end in cuffs with cloth clad buttons, and the skirt of the dress is shorter in front but billows out longer in the back. It weighs in at roughly 0,5kg.

At the moment the dress costs 49,99$, and is available only in the orange color on the picture. It comes in sizes M and L, and since I have long legs I choose L for my dress. In hindsight I probably should have picked M since the arms were a bit too long on me, but otherwise the length was good :)

It's SUCH a shame this color clashes with my red hair, because otherwise I would wear this dress forever. This is probably my favorite clothing item out of the ones I've reviewed for Zaful <3 It's so comfortable and cozy. Since it's made out of linen it holds the warmth even in cold weather, and even so the long sleeves can easily be unbuttoned and rolled up, should the weather be too hot. 

I've experimented a bit with what to wear with this dress. It's dangerously short (probably because I have long legs), so when I've worn this dress to school I've opted for either skinny jeans under, or worn shorts over stockings. In true Wanda-fashion, the dress is perfect for knee-highs with or without tights under. Because of it's grunge look it goes well with both combat boots and heels, again depending on weather. 

I don't know why, but I'm always worried about seams ripping whenever a clothing item is supposed to be pulled over ones head for wearing. But the elastic band in this dress can be stretched to insane lengths, so luckily I needn't worry this time :P The quality is great and after wearing it maybe three times I still haven't noticed anything defect with the quality. As linen often does, the dress wrinkles easily, but that's just life I guess :P 

This review was severely delayed because of various reasons. BanzaiCon, Comic Con, sickness and university and I can keep going forever. I actually ordered this dress at the same time as the last Zaful item I reviewed, even though it arrived later than the previous. Anyway, Zaful has been most understanding and sweet what with my hectic schedule and all, and I'm so thankful for that. It's truly a joy to work with a company where both parts have understanding and respect towards each other <3

The company
Nothing new here; I still recommend Zaful with all my heart! They have so many gorgeous items I would happily buy the rest of my entire wardrobe there.

Right now they are holding a massive giveaway which I strongly recommend you take part in if you want a chance at your own clothes from Zaful! Click on the banner below and check out all the amazing items, leave a comment with your favorite item and include your e-mail, for a chance at winning gift cards!

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Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias! 
Get the dress here! 

Thank you so much for reading! <3

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