Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bloody Mary 2.0 and Bigby 1.0

So I just recieved my contacts, which means it's time for a new makeup test!

The contacts are 22mm Goblin scleras without prescription (meaning I'm blind as a bat wearing them) and I love them soo much! Sadly my eyes are a bit too large for them to cover the entire eye white, but I'll do some squinting and I'll be fine!

I'm pretty much done with everything now, save for actually acsting the prosthetics for the face. They're already sculpted and finished, but I'm a lazy butt and have postponed casting them for some reason. I'll try to get it finished tomorrow!

What I used for this makeup;

  • Fake blood (lots of it)
  • 22mm sclera contacts
  • Scarecrow large fangs
  • Derma wax (to fasten the shards to my face)
  • Liquid latex (to fasten the wax)
  • Mirror shards (just regular silvery paper) 
  • Liquid eyeliner (for the celshaded bits)
  • Aqua makeup (for her tattoos)

I can't really decide if I'm gonna celshade the mirror shards or not though? They look more realistic without, but it kinda takes the edge off the cartoony feeling, you know what I'm saying? What do you think?

We also did a fast makeup test for my boyfriend the other day!

Here you can see a better photo of my scleras, and the first makeup test for Bigby on my bf! The wig is just a substitute while we wait for his real wig to arrive :D There are still a lot of things to fix, but we'll get there!

Finishing off this post with some more idiotic lip-syncing, haha <3

Til next time <3