Sunday, March 20, 2016

Buggy the Clown and Mr. 3 makeup test - One Piece

Buggy the Clown and Mr 3 - One Piece (Impel Down Versions)
YOU HAVE NO IDEA FOR HOW LONG I'VE WANTED TO DO THIS DUO: Buggy is one of my absolute favorite characters from One Piece (I crushed so hard on him back when I was a wee lass lol). This is just a quick first makeup test with our wigs, as you can see we still need to fix the 3 on Rake Makes - Cosplay/SFX's wig and add some details, but it will be somewhat like this!
We will be weaaring these cosplays at MCM London in May, hopefully with Sedra Art & Cosplay as Bon Clay and E V E Cosplay as Luffy!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Harley Quinn Cosplay Review

I've always been a big fan of Batman. Me and my boyfriend especially enjoy playing all the games together, and it didn't take long before I fell in love with Harley's outfit in Arkham Knight. To be honest I've always had a major minor crush on Harley, so when Cosplay Sky offered me to review their Harley costume from said game, I was so extremely happy and excited there was just no end to it.

As ever, you can choose for Cosplay Sky to either send you a version of the costume in sizes XS to XXXL, or you can have them make a customized costume just for your measurements, which is what I did. They have a helpful little guide on their web page that helps you to measure. The costume arrived in a good fit, except that it was a little big in the corset and leggins, but again that might be because I might have lost some weight during the processing of the costume. Either way it was nothing that a few small and quick seams couldn't fix! :) If you're better at measuring than me I'm sure you'll receive a costume that fits you perfectly!

These pieces are included when you buy the costume;
  • White blouse
  • Corset (without boning)
  • Harness in three pieces
  • Two belts
  • Two arm warmers (black and red)
  • One pair of leggings with printed symbols

The costume is extremely well made and although the harness looked a bit scary when I unpacked it, it wasn't hard at all to put on! The harness fastens with snap buttons into the two belts, and since the silver studs on the belts are all snap buttons, you can choose on your own where to fasten the harness so that it fits you good. All the silver rings on the costume are in real metal, and the white lace comes in several layers and is truly gorgeous. The costume arrived in a safe bag saying "Cosplay Sky" and was folded and packed very neatly to prevent wrinkles.

Since almost all the fastenings are velcro or elastic strings (and snap buttons) it's very easy to adjust the costume to fit you good. However, should you feel the need to make some slight changes to the costume's size, the material is very thankful to sew in.

I'm also quite impressed on how sturdy the costume is! It sits very snugly and in place while I'm wearing it, and doesn't move around or get wrinkly or dislocated. The fabrics are all very sturdy and of high quality. 

Time for some ratings!
  • Comfort; 5/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Accuracy to original: 5/5
  • Movability: 3/5
  • Quality: 5/5

The cosplay was extremely comfortable to wear, 
if it hadn't been for my shoes and lenses I would
have had no trouble wearing it for a full day. Harness
fit like a glove and didn't hinder my movement at all!

The cosplay arrived a bit too large, so I had 
to take in a few seams in the corset and leggins
for it to fit me. However if this is due to the
creators of the fact that I might have lost some
weight remains a mystery :) 

Accuracy to original; 
Costume is extremely true to original, down to
the exact same colors of the fabric to every last
detail, however small. From the intricate pattern on
the stomach down to the printed symbols on the leggins
everything is exactly identical to the original. 

While the costume was extremely comfortable, it did 
hinder me slightly in my movement. Mostly because the
blouse wasn't stretchable I wasn't able to raise my arms 
as much as I might have needed. 

The cosplay is extremely well made, with lining on
everything except blouse and leggins, sturdy seams
and zippers and the stretchy material kept its shape
and didn't disform after being worn. Fabrics are of 
good quality and survived a rough shoot in an 
abandoned house extremely well.

I have also made a video review over at my YouTube channel if you'd like a closer look on the separate pieces of the costume, as well as a short lipsync clip haha :D

All in all I'm extremely satisfied and happy with this costume, and I would warmly recommend it to anyone who feels like cosplaying Harley! CosplaySky is a great alternative for cosplays if you're looking for quality and accuracy :)

Some bonus photos as well!

Thanks for reading!

Love and warm hugs

Undyne in Super Sculpey!

So recently I started taking classes in Super Sculpey for cosplay purposes, and naturally my first project had to be a tiny monster-Undyne statue! 

She's still missing eyes, teeth, one ear and pretty much everything else as well, and it's my first time using Sculpey so please don't be mean </33

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pinky Paradise EOS Dolly Eye Blue Review

These specific pair of contacts are great for characters with crazy blue eyes, when you want to look cartoony and a bit otherwordly. These are not "natural" lenses, meaning they don't try to replicate naturally born blue eyes, but are rather cosplay lenses made to give that extra OOMPH to your character!

The EOS Dolly Eye Blue are circle lenses with the following stats (taken from Pinky Paradise's web page);

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

The come with full prescription if that is wanted!

Photo taken using a Nikon camera with flash.

Photo taken using a Nikon camera with no flash.

As you can see in the pictures above, the color of the contacts is very vibrant and shows really well in both bright and dark light. Although the lower photo without flash may look a bit darker, as you can see the color still shows fairly well. 

For good measure, please compare the high quality photos above with the photos in lower quality below. As you can see the quality removes a lot of the contact detail, but the color is still vibrant as ever and really gives a good, cartoony look to your eyes, 

Photo taken using iphone selfie camera in light room

Picture taken using iphone selfie camera in darker room.

Time for some ratings!

  • Accuracy to description 5/5
  • Comfort 3/5
  • Color 5/5
  • Price 5/5
  • Coverage 4/5

Accuracy to description;
This is always important for me when I choose my 
contacts. These lenses were extremely similar to the 
ones in the photos on Pinky Paradise's web page, I 
would say identical.

These contacts were comfortable for circle 
lenses, however after wearing them for a day 
my eyes were very dry. Might have been just 
me though and not the lenses :)

When I chose these lenses I was looking 
for extremely BLUE contacts. These are 
very much so, to the brink where they 
might even look a bit unnatural. So perfect 
for cosplay!

These contacts are currently listed to 
cost $25.90 at Pinky Paradise, which I 
think is a very fair price for a pair of 
good looking, high quality lenses + free 
lens case!

These contacts covered my own eyes very well, 
but probably because my own eyes are 
grey/blue. However since my eyes are a bit 
darker the contacts darkened slightly when I put 
them on as well. I have no record of how the 
color covers other eye colors than mine!

To visualize how the contacts fit with a costume, here are a few photos of my Harley Quinn cosplay (sponsored by CosplaySky).

And if you'd like this review in video form + a short vlog entry featuring the contacts, please watch the video below!

Thank you so much for watching and reading my review! <3