Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bloody Mary - The Wolf Among Us - Makeup test

Bloody Mary - The Wolf Among Us
Finally took time to actually do this makeup! I so wanna cosplay Bloody Mary some day Smiley heart
Used eyeshadow, derma wax and fake blood for this, eyes (obviously) shooped because this is only a test, and the mirror shards are cut out of a bunch of silver envelopes haha </3

  • Lined the facial structure with celshading lines. 
  • Lined eyes with tons of eyeliner to darken them.
  • Painted on eyebrows and the final celshade lines
  • Drew her tattoos using reuglar grey eyeshadow and an angled brush
  • Cut out the mirror shards out of a silver envelope
  • Glued them on with spirit gum and covered the edges with derma wax
  • (The shard in my hair is put in place with hair pins) 
  • Added tonnnnnnnnns of fake blood
  • Done! 

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