Monday, October 31, 2016

ZAFUL Dress Review (Scarlet Witch Cosplay)

Hello again friends!
Autumn is here and con season is pretty much over for this year. Even though it might feel sad, I still think it's nice because it gives you the opportunity to cozy up in your home and sketch out new ideas for new costumes <3 Since I had no difficult deadlines this autumn, I decided to finally make a dream costume of mine come true; my own version of Scarlet Witch. For this costume I used a lovely dress sponsored by ZAFUL, and I will be reviewing this lovely dress in this post! 

(The rest of the costume (headdress, shoes, wig, belt and cape) are either made by or bought by me and are not part of the ZAFUL offer. Only the dress will be reviewed in this post!)

Summary and sizes
The dress is called "Voile Spliced Long Sleeve Maxi Dress" and is a beautiful gown-like dream. It's made out of two layers; one red base layer in polyester, and one black top layer of a soft organza-like mesh fabric, which is slightly textured in a dot pattern. The arms are made only out of the black fabric. The "belt" is attached to the dress and is actually a black elastic band.

It comes in three colors; wine red, purple and white. The dress I chose was obviously the wine red one, it was for Scarlet Witch after all :)

The dress is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL. I chose this dress in L even though I'm usually a pretty standard M, because I wanted to make sure it was long enough. I'm a very tall person at my 1.77cm which makes dress shopping difficult sometimes :P 

The price of the dress is $35.99.

The dress is absolutely lovely and fits as well formal wear as more casual, depending on which accessories you use (and also works for cosplay, apparently^^). The dress doesn't have a zipper or button, but is a simple pullover dress. Since the elastic belt in the waist is stretchy the dress is easy to pull on and off. It's very lightweight and wearing-friendly, and the lack of zippers and buttons makes it very comfortable. The two fabric layers are not sewn together in the bottom hem, which makes the skirt very flowy and floozy! 

The dress fit me okay, I think what was my problem was my weird length, haha. The dress was a bit short in the arms slightly shorter in the skirt length as well. The waistband was also a very rigid elastic, which made it sit very tight even though the dress itself fit me. This is probably due to my arms and legs being very long in general, but if I had ordered again I might have chose an even larger size just to get the length a bit better :) 

I notice the color might seem a bit off in these photos, but I assure you that is because of the light fixing in post :) Since we shot these photos in the dark, the flash and post-eds might alter the color slightly to fit the photo better, but the original dress I recieved has the exact same color as in the original photo. 

I have to say that I'm actually surprised that the quality held such a high standard! The reason for this was because when I noticed the dress was a pullover, I was afraid I'd break the somewhat fragile black fabric or at least rip a few seams, because I'm a very wavy and flexing person whenever I try on clothes, arms and limbs waving around everywhere xD But despite wrangling the dress over my head, all the seams and fabric have held really good! The seams in general are well made, thorough and without hastework. 

As always, ZAFUL has been nothing but helpful in this process. They have answered all my emails within a days notice, and always been patient with my inquiries and questions. They have also given me plenty of time to review the dress, arrange a photoshoot and rexieve photos, somethinig MUCH appreciated as a reviewer! The dress was shipped very fast, however it was delayed a bit on the way. This is on the local post office consciousness though, and had nothing to do with ZAFUL

The Company
Same as last time, I strongly advise you guys to pay ZAFUL a visit. Their website has a huge collection of clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else. Right now they have some special deals on their embroidered clothes, which is a personal favorite category of mine, I strongly suggest you to check it out :D 


Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading!

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