Friday, August 26, 2016

ZAFUL Dress Coat Review

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Hope you have a lovely time enjoying the last days of summer <3 
As much as I love summer, I always look forward to fall however. I love going outside in cozy scarves and coats! Which brings me to todays post, which is a review of a lovely dress coat sponsored by ZAFUL. ZAFUL is an online clothing company with a wide variety of products, ranging form clothes and swimwear to shoes and accessories. Their website is a treasure and I strongly recommend you check them out! 
Picture by ZAFUL.

Summary and sizes
The coat is a lovely grey dress jacket, which buttons in the front to open and close. The skirt is extremely poofy and big, and gives the coat a dress-like feel when wearing it. It's available in seven colors (army green, black, grey, khaki, pink, red and white). 

Anyone who knows me know I have a certain thing for grey coats and jackets, so of course that is the color I chose. The coat is available in sizes S, M, L and XL and the one I recieved (and shown in my photos) is a size M.

The price of the coat is $41.99.
You can get the coat HERE!

The belt is fully detachable and opens and closes easily in the front. The friction of the fabric prevents the belt from displacing. The coat is made in polyester and wool, and has a lovely soft feel to it. It's fully lined on the inside and is of a great quality. I prefer not to button the coat the entire way up to my throat, but it looks great both ways! It's extremely light weight and weighs in at only roughly one kg, while still being very warm and comfortable. 

The coat fit me very well (but then again I'm a very standard size M) and though I often find myself sewing in or out clothes that I buy, this coat fit perfectly. I'm very tall so I'm always worried about lengths of clothes, but this was no problem. 

The quality of the coat is extremely high and I was delighted to find how well made it is! 
It's fully lined and all the seams and applications are flawlessly attached. The buttons are all sturdy and I've been wearing this coat for almost a full week and actually still have found nothing to complain about! Other than the rather warm weather which might make want to wait another month with wearing this coat, haha!

ZAFUL has been nothing but lovely ot work with! They have answered all my emails no later than a day after I've sent them, and always been friendly and helpful with my questions! The coat also arrived in only a couple of days, which is something I'm NOT used to when shopping online! Extremely satisfied with everything regarding service!

The company
I would warmly recommend ZAFUL to everyone reading this. They have a HUGE variety of clothes, shoes and accessories on their website, all to very reasonable prices. This jacket was absolutely lovely and I would be much delighted to wear more clothes from ZAFUL in the future!

Check out ZAFUL at their website, or any of their social medias!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. The coat looks really nice but it also looks very different from the stock photo, in my opinion. The collar is completely different and the belt too...
    Good to hear that the quality is nice though, I'll maybe check them out one day since I haven't heard about this store before. Just worried that other items might differ wildly from stock photos as well. :/