Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Steven Universe Makeup Tutorials Videos

Yo peeps!

I figured I'd gather my Steven Universe makeup-tutorials in one post, for simplicity.
They're all uploaded on YouTube, and I have several other makeup tutorials on my channel, just not related to SU! Check them out if you're bored!

Ruby and Sapphire makeup tutorial

(Shut up and fuse with me, by Perfectly Vindictive)

YES I know Ruby's wig is read and it's not supposed to be, haha. 
Both wigs are a bit unfitting, but it's what I had at home! 
Could have also used some contacts for Ruby, but same as before, didn't have any good ones at home :P

Lapis Lazuli makeup tutorial

Wig looks a lil freaky here, haha, but I fixed it afterwards!
Song: 80's Rock Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli Extended Cover by Cyril the Wolf
PLEASE check out the genius behind this song, I love it so much!

Malachite makeup tutorial

First song is Malachite's theme from the show
Second song is Bubble Pop by Hyuna
Third song is Hermione by Pogo :)

I used a regular white, long with with bangs as base. Not optimal, but what I had at home. Then I styled it using hairspray and a hair dryer.

Where did you get your eyeshadow palette?
I don't remember the store sadly, but it's from eBay!

Is there any other makeup tutorial (Steven Universe or other) that you'd want me to make? Let me know! <3

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